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Meet The Band

JOYCE WILLIAMS  -  Lead Vocals - The fabulously dynamite front woman and powerhouse lead singer of RetroVinyl, Joyce has the ability to sing everything from Janis Joplin to KC to Pat Benatar to Heart to Miranda Lambert and everything in between. Her commanding stage presence and effortless charm will draw you in for a great night of singing and dancing the night away.


NOAH WILLIAMS  -  Lead/Rhythm Guitar - This man is TWO guitar players in one ! Playing both lead and rhythm guitar and switching seamlessly between the two you could swear this guy was more than just one dude. His real talent though blast through with the scathing leads he throws in as needed. 


FORREST KULWIN  -  Drums - The big man with the beat, Forrest keeps the band on a steady track heading straight down to rhythm town. Coming to us from the Chicago area, Forrest is the newest member of the band but you would never know it, he immediately fit right in. In addition to keeping the beat on lock down, Forrest helps out a lot on backup and sometimes even lead vocals.


ANDY HUGHES  -  Bass Guitar - Bringing all the low notes to the party, Andy locks in with Forrest to create a groovin', jamin', smooth funky rhythym section that will make you jiggle, sway, dance and maybe even  "Get Down With Your Bad Self " the whole night long. He also sings a little back up now and then but mostly just wise ass comments, he thinks he's funny. 

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